ZeroDown30 includes all contracts, forms and templates needed to execute each strategy


In the past decade, much more has been said about the ability to purchase and the fact is that individual’s salaries are not keeping pace with the cost of living. As a result many people are looking for creative ways to buy. The financial crisis has been a terrific burden on some and many just want alternative ways to buy what they need. While the tepid recovery has reached big business, not as much of a recovery has reached main street. Every nuance of what you learn will help you get the things that you want! These items have been tried over and over and over again and they work!!!

There are thirty strategies to purchase with zero money down. And, when you are complete, you will know under which conditions to use each technique and you’ll have the paperwork to put it all on paper.

If you want to know how to purchase any item, a product or a service, this book will teach you how to do so with zero money down.  If you want to buy a boat, airplane, flat screen television, house, car or if you need services such as marketing, advertising, consulting, web design or home repair services, this book will teach you how to receive these products and services with zero down.

In some instances, you will profit while buying with no money! You will find that you can combine some of the strategies as well. In fact, you really only need one to work successfully! This book is for you if you want to find creative ways to buy bulk products or personal items. You can’t miss at this price!

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